A Note from OQO Inc.

“We are sad to report that due to financial constraints, OQO is not able to offer repair and service support at this time.  We are deeply sorry that despite our best intentions, we are unable to provide continued support for our faithful customers.  Please accept our sincerest apologies”

A note from ME (I do not work for OQO Inc.)

OQO Inc. has closed.

 Be KIND in your posts. WE the users are now OQO we are here to support one another and enjoy the life we are able to get from our devices. And again OQO has shutdown.

For repair work try. (Has missing RMA OQO’s)

Teleplan Services Texas Inc.
2800 W. Story Road
Dallas-Irving, Texas 75038

Norbert “Bert” Tummings
Customer Support Desk
Norbert dot Tummings at teleplan dot com

If all else fails I will repair your OQO. Contact my username at gmail. Flat rate repair $200