Having just posted this in another thread I was wondering how many OQO owners (or potential such) would consider or/and be able to use these solutions where your Symbian or Windows Mobile 3G (or EDGE/EGPRS if you can settle for the speed!) phone could be the hotspot for your OQO?

Symbian: http://www.joikuspot.com/aboutJoikuSpot.php
Symbian & Windows Mobile: http://www.walkinghotspot.com/

Maybe there are more options nowadays that I’m not even aware of? Please share!

I’ve personally used the Joikuspot (non Free) edition on a 3G Nokia (yeah Made in Finland + Made in Finand Smiley) and an AT&T prepaid 3G setup and it was ok, I mean with 3G being what it is still somewhat spotty and so, why not just stick to ONE data subscription, that is if the protocols and security “fine print” involved is acceptable for your needs?

I have a Nokia N95 still laying around (having since upgraded to an iPhone)

I’ve used Joikuspot. It works well enough, but the my Nokia got bloody hot with 2 radios running, and blew through battery power like crazy.

The better option for the bluetooth-enabled 2+ is bluetooth tethering. I used it extensively with my Fujitsu U1010, and that works very well, and will probably be the option I end up going with if I get a low end OQO. Unfortunately, it’s a bit awkward and clunky – having to set the dial-up connection, etc. The entire reason I switched to the iPhone is because of it’s always-on convenience. Having to manually connect seems so 1990’s Sad

OTOH, it may not be any more annoying than using the connection manager for the Gobi anyway…

Yeah I have the iPhone too (as a 2nd phone/device with me) a lot because of the instant/constant on. There is an option for the iPhone too (requires jailbreaking and “non Apple approved install” of course) http://www.iphonemodem.com/

I’m aware of various options with the iPhone, but I’d rather not go that route if I could. Joikuspot flogged the phone so much, and generated so much heat, that I’d probably prefer carrying the Nokia for use as an external bluetooth modem instead.

Are you listening, OQO? There are practical reasons for wanting the 1.33ghz model over the 1.86ghz – please give us the option of Gobi on both!

Hehe ok, though I agree fully. I started THIS thread for those who don’t want to (or as it seems now won’t be able to) have WWAN on their $999 edition OQO. Smiley

I’m sure there will be higher end OQO model owners too that won’t get the GOBI option just because the A) Extra cost? B) No constant need for WWAN? C) Don’t want to have two accounts with their Service Provider?

Yes I know that in some places you can get two sim cards for the same account however this is not possible AFAIK in the “homeland” of the OQO where I presume most OQO owners are?