Folks —

Yes, indeed, that is an OQO prototype shown with an Intel(r) Atom(r) processor.  Intel is showcasing the OQO prototype in a couple of their keynotes and elsewhere at IDF because we have achieved by far the best performance with their processor in our technology demonstration.

Note that this is not a product launch or announcement, but is a demonstration of what we think an Intel Atom processor should do in a product targeting users who need the ultimate in mobile productivity, and demonstrates all the areas where OQO has led the market for years — performance, battery life, thermals, usability, design, and form factor.  While there are other small and light devices using Intel’s Atom processor, none of them comes close to the performance and productivity we are showing with this technology demonstration.

Intel selected OQO to collaborate on developing technologies that will further enhance the productivity of enterprise mobile workers and individual mobile professionals, and did so due to OQO’s longstanding leadership in ultra-mobile computing.  OQO is participating in this technology demonstration to showcase leading-edge advances in ultra-mobile computing and to reinforce OQO’s leadership position in this growing market.

I hope this helps explain today’s news — a technology showcase, not an impending product announcement.

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