The moment has arrived and the time has finally come!!!  Here it is!!!

MAC Leopard on your very own OQO 02 is now a reality.  The instructions found via the link below will install Leopard on a second partition on your hard drive and additionally provide dual boot modifications allowing you to maintain your existing installation while adding Leopard to your boot options.  We do recommend that you purchase Leopard if you plan to install this OS on your system.  We have purchased Leopard and I know that the OQO community will be responsible in this obligation.

Please post as you successfully complete your install. (or not)

Please remember that this is a beta test version and still has items to be completed.

Thanks to the entire OQO community and OQOTalk for being such a great resource for a great computer experience. 

Thanks to OQO for producing the greatest and smallest PC (and now MAC) in the world.  Dennis Moore and Co. are working wonders before our very eyes.

Finally, thanks to Apple for the fine OS “Leopard” and legendary lifestyle computing experience.

Good Luck to all!!!
JT and Troy

Download the following link to your desktop and open the zipped file.  The instructions are in a pdf file within this folder.