Looks like the OQO will hava touchscreen in the future, got this from jkkmobile

Thanks for the video JKKmobile


Man that sounds like the OQO 02+ with those changes.

Whoa I’m surprised they mentioned that … need to save up for a 64 GB SSD Touchscreen OQO that’s sleeker and have more battery life! Sounds like a Model 02+ to me!

DAMNIT! and i just bought my OQO 02… oh well in a few months i’ll get the new version. I hope its not like $3000 but i’m pretty sure it’ll be close to that price for a SSD + Touch screen.

Hmmm, interesting… It’s unlike OQO to talk about future products like that! Where was this video recorded?

I’m pretty sure I read CES 2008 but, as we’re just hearing about it, it may have been a slip of the tongue. Seems like if they meant to release the info more people would have known about it sooner.

The video dates from the CES. It’s been at TkArena since then.

The only real news is the touchscreen model coming next quarter. I hope this will appeal to those who will only consider devices with a touchscreen. (I hope they run only programs with a touch optimized interface, and never fall back to the operating system user interface.) If, after this, those whose sole complaint about the OQO was that it didn’t a touchscreen still complain about it, I think OQO should just write off those people.

(I hope they’re not moving to touch exclusively. i.e., either it’s an option, a dual mode screen, or some other way of maintain a great, vector-free inking experience while still offering the benefits of touch.)

Everything else is vague with no specific date attached to them. He didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. Given what gets suggested the most, of course, they’re working on making it thinner, lighter and longer battery lived. If the past few months shows anything, it’s that OQO is always working on incremental improvements. Note that he didn’t say that they’d introduce lighter, thinner, or longer battery lived at the same time as the touchscreen. (He didn’t say that they wouldn’t either, of course.)  Specifically, “sleeker” was in reference to a possible, still undefined product 12 to 18 months out. So if you want the “sleeker” OQO, be prepared to wait.

I’m sure this guy didn’t expect anyone to parse his words so closely. However, other than the touchscreen, I don’t think he gave away anything.

(Also, the 64 GB SSD is what sets the price of that model, not the active digitizer. So, until SSD prices drop, why wouldn’t OQO sell a new 64 GB SSD model for about the same price as the current one? BTW, OQO’s extra charge is apparently market rate. Apple charges about $1000 extra for its 64GB SSD upgrade. About the same with Dell and Alienware.)

It’s the same as always. If what they have now meets your needs, go buy it. Otherwise, wait. There will always be something better coming out.

I suspect it’s possible for them to have a thinner device if they gave up on HDDs, and used SSDs exclusively. But until SSD prices drop a lot, that would cede their low end, such as it is. I keep trying to figure out why OQO can’t come up with something as thin, and long battery lived as the Nokia N810. The OQO has more storage, more memory, a beefier processor, and a better thumbboard. Unfortunately, those are all good things that I wouldn’t want OQO to give up. Fortunately, I don’t think it needs to be as thin or long battery lived as the N810, just thinner and longer battery lived than it is now. e.g., if it were it’s current thickness, but with the extended battery, rather than the standard battery, that would be wonderful.