Centos 5.2 installed 2 questions for starters

Updated on October 21, 2021 in Linux
0 on December 18, 2020

I got Centos 5.2 with gnome on an OQO mod 2.  Installed with ‘linux text askmethod’.  Text because of the screen size problem to see prompts and askmethod so I could pull most of the rpms from my local repo that I have for all my other Centos systems.

My next install (tomorrow, oh, I got 4 OQOs) will either be with kickstart or I will build an ISO image that lets me do the install via VNC (see the Centos wiki for creating such a CD).

How can I get more than 800×480 resolution?  I tried changing the display to LCD Generic with 1024×768, but the change did not ‘take’.

Suspend to swap failed I got the message:

cpufreq: suspend failed to assert current frequency is what timing core thinks it is.

Any ideas what to set to fix this?

Tomorrow will also try dkms and madwifi….

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